Grilled Cheese in a Basket (and the Calculus of Food)

Posted on Apr 12 15

Oft referred to as a frog in a hole, the classic egg in a basket is the epitome of simple and rewarding. On weekend days when I don’t know what I want for breakfast, I usually end up making one. On Saturday, I decided that I wanted one, but then I did a little bit […]

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Posted on Dec 14 14

As I crash with my brother in Brooklyn for a bit, I’ve been penny pinching on the groceries. If there’s one thing that I can’t get used to when limiting my grocery list it’s no sweets. My sweet tooth is often unstoppable. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and when I’m feeling drastic, I’ll find […]

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Praline Blondies

Posted on Dec 11 14

As the cloudy days continue and all hope is goodness is sapped from my body, I took a suggestion from my brother that would benefit all: make some praline blondies. Blondies are not an area I’ve explored too heavily. When I think about them, I think about when people just put some Betty Crocker chocolate […]

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Adventuras Dulces con Randy

Posted on Aug 19 14

Woah everybody, long time no post. I have a long list of excuses but I’ll skip those for now and cut straight to the chase. High-powered Occam’s Razor member┬áMiranda “Randy” Van Iderstine has been gracious enough to come over and bake with me several times. Randy’s life is a secret to most. Not only┬áhave none […]

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Flaky Bread

Posted on Apr 3 14

On our way back from Miami, Ale picked up an issue of Bon Apetit magazine. Obvi there are dozens of great recipes up in the single issue she got, but the one we’ll focus on now is for a flat bread they dub ‘flaky bread.’ Now, the photo provided makes these bread disks look like […]

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