As someone who likes to eat each and every day, I often find it difficult to make recipes that I continually like. My world famous quinoa salad is one of the few dishes I make at least once a week, and still get serious hankerings for. At this point, I’d categorize my love of this dish as deep and abiding.

Fortunately, this lunch or dinner  can go from grocery bags to table in less than an hour (with minimal elbow grease). I have a pretty well-oiled routine for making my personal quinoa salad. I always add avocados and tomatoes, with a dash of lemon juice. When I’m feeling supah fancy (or trying to show off for friends and loved ones) I’ll sauté a spanish onion with spinach and garlic salt and throw that into the medley. I regularly avoid animal protein (not because I’m principled, but because I’m cheap), but I imagine this quinoa salad could work very well with some chicken sausage or lemon-marinated chicken breast. Do you. You can also mix up the grains you throw in. While quinoa works well, instant cous cous is an equally good fix.

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minute
Total Time: 35 minutes


1 box  of instant quinoa or couscous

2 cups spinach

1 whole spanish onion (vidalia works well, too)

1 large plum tomato

2-3 avocados, very ripe

1 lemon



1. Heat a medium sized skillet; add approximately 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the quickly heating pan.

2. While the pan heats up, dice your onion.

3. Throw your freshly diced onion into the skillet. Sauté freely.

4. Chop your spinach; add to the skillet after your onions are browned to your taste and satisfaction.

5. Dice your tomato; add to the spinach-onion combo.

6. At this point, turn on the water for your grains (instructions for boiling, etc. should be on the box).

7. Now cut your avocado into more or less equal sized pieces.

8. Once your quinoa or couscous is ready, add the avocado and mix and mash.

9. Throw in your spinach medley, and top off with lemon juice, freshly squeezed, please.

10. Salt, or do with it what you will. I often throw a dollop (yep, any excuse to use the word dollop) of hummus on top when I serve this. But personal preferences will prevail, so eat this dish however you like and call it your own.


lizzie b

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