Posted on Dec 31 13

Okay, so I may be violating longstanding family laws by sharing this recipe on the internet, but I’ll be frank, this pound cake is so unbelievably good and perfect and just, wow, that to keep it a secret any longer would be  unethical. This family recipe was handed down from my great-grandmother, who I only […]

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Get Caught Red-Handed

Posted on Dec 26 13

What did I make for Christmas this year? The most truthful answer is: too many things. My family (myself included) seems to believe in holiday meals as an excellent time to create an elaborate dinner as well as a week of leftovers. In addition to the obligatory piles of turkey, stuffing, signature shoepeg corn casserole, […]

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Homemade Marshmallows with a Dip

Posted on Dec 24 13

Recently due to a lack of communication among my roommates and me, we acquired too many marshmallows (not actually a thing though, you can never have too many). Ale and I love mallows so this wasn’t really an issue, but after I left for home for the holidays, I apparently felt a lack of mallows, […]

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Tucket’s Granola

Posted on Dec 23 13

I’ve always tended to gravitate towards homemade Christmas gifts, especially when it came to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teachers. Giving presents that someone had the means to just go and out and buy for themselves – candles, ornaments, sweaters, ties, socks, whatever – never made a whole lot of sense to me. Whenever I’m stumped on […]

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Eataly – A Pretentious-ish Experience

Posted on Dec 20 13

The night before I left Chicago to go home for Christmas, a friend and I went to the Loop to check out the brand new Eataly– a multileveled, high-quality food wonderland that drew so much attention among New Yorkers on the outskirts of Manhattan, founder Oscar Farinetti decided to bring his model west to the […]

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